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  1.   Premise

Offering and selling products on the website www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it are governed by what is stated in this section and in particular from point 2 “Sale Agreement”
Products purchased on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it are sold directly by Miglio Verde S.r.l., with registered office in Via II Giugno, 4 / A – MONTEPULCIANO PIva 01375170527.
For any information you may contact www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it writing to e-mail addresses “info@birrificiodimontepulciano.it” or through the “Contact Us” link that can be found at the bottom of the page.
We remind you that the seller “Miglio Verde S.r.l. “Offers for sale, on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it products and performs their own electronic commerce business exclusively for their users as “Final Consumers”.
The following “Sale Agreement” solely regulates the offer, the forwarding and the acceptance of purchase orders of products for sale on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it ; therefore, they do not include the provision of services or the sale of products by persons other than www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it which may be present on the site or reachable, for example, through links, banners, hyperlinks, etc …
www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it, and more specifically “Miglio Verde S.r.l. “Is therefore not responsible for the provision of services by third parties other than www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it or the conclusion of electronic commerce transactions between users of www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it and third parties.
The official language to conclude the contract with www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it is Italian. Texts in other languages therefore have only accessory character to those in Italian.

  1.   Sale Agreement

When the user (hereinafter also referred to as “Customer”) makes an order automatically accepts the Foreword of point “1” of these Sales Terms and the following Sales Agreement with “Miglio Verde S.r.l. “(Hereinafter also referred to as a” seller “) that manages payments, refunds and all monetary transactions generated by purchases / returns of products, whether he is registered with the community of www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it that if you finalize your purchase with the “Checkout as a guest described below”
The system will receive a confirmation e-mail: this email will only be a confirmation of the receipt and will not guarantee the acceptance of the order. The contract will not be concluded until we send you an e-mail confirmation that the products you ordered have been sent to you. Only the goods listed in the confirmation email sent at the time of shipment will be included in the final contract.

  • a) Mandatory requirements
    In order to become a customer, and then make orders www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it,you declare that you have the following minimum mandatory requirements:
  • Being a “Final Consumer”
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Own and provide a valid e-mail address
  • Possess the requisite requirements for entering into legally binding contracts
  • Possess a valid credit card for Visa or MasterCard payment or a Verified PayPal account or a bank account.
  • b) Price and availability
    All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price: the goods to be sold on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it is also on sale at the same time in “Miglio Verde S.r.l.” physical stores (retail business). It may then occur that the purchase of the same product is completed simultaneously both online on the site www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it that in the physical store: in this case “Miglio Verde S.r.l. “Will give precedence to the customer who has gone to the physical store at that precise time and is already directed to the cash, reimbursing any payment already sent by the user in whatever form it has occurred. Refund will be made through re-accreditation on the Paypal account of the customer who has paid the goods up www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it, by credit card cancellation or by bank transfer if he / she has chosen this payment option.
    In the case of lack of availability of the product, the seller will be obliged to inform the customer, promptly and in any case within thirty (30) days from the day following the date on which your order is sent to the seller, the inability to Complete the sales contract.
    Our staff tries to ensure that all the details, descriptions, and prices that appear on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it they are accurate: in spite of this, errors may occur, mainly due to the insertion of data into the database with the consequent risk of human error. If we find a mistake in the price of the products the customer ordered, he will be informed as soon as possible and will have the right to choose whether to re-confirm the order at the correct price or cancel it. If we will not be able to contact you, we will consider the canceled order. If, following a price change, the customer decides to cancel the order after paying the products, they will receive a full refund.
    The price is inclusive of VAT. Delivery costs will be added separately; Such additional costs are clearly stated in the case where they apply and are included in the “total amount”.
  • c) Payments
    www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it accepts the following payment methods:

    • Credit card
    • Paypal
    • Bank transfer – IBAN IT3650848925604000000401568 – – BIC ICRAITRRDL0
  • d) Buying procedure
    Per concludere il contratto di acquisto di uno o più prodotti su www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it, the customer must complete the order form in electronic format and send it to the seller, by telematics, following the instructions.
    Before proceeding to purchase the products and conclude the purchase procedure in the order review, the customer must declare that he has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Sale as described herein, the Privacy Policy and the Return Policy Information. This confirmation will be checked by ticking the box.
  1.   Guarantees

To conclude the purchase agreement of one or more products on www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it are guaranteed by “Miglio Verde S.r.l.”, which carries out retail activities in its physical stores or online through www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it.

The seller sells quality products equivalent to the corresponding standards on the market, does not sell irregular products. www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it offers the right of withdrawal to its customers as established by the law: for the conditions of the right of withdrawal we invite the customer to see the information on the right of withdrawal

  1. Shipment, delivery of products

www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it sends its products wherever possible with the reliable service offered by  Arrow S.r.l: when using this courier all shipments, in Italy and worldwide, are traceable. To the customer, at the time of shipment, will be provided the shipping number, so that he can follow the progress of his shipment.
If you can not use the Arrow S.r.l. courier, we can ship it through national and international mail, indicating to the buyer a shipping code, but without guaranteeing traceability. We invite the customer to contact us for any information on the delivery times.
In the event that www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it should receive delivery orders in areas not served by regular shipping services, it may always reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the value of the same to the buyer, without any penalties.
Shipment time may vary depending on availability and any delivery time forecasts are indicative and limited to the Italian territory.
Freight forwarding takes place only after the receipt of the payment, we specify that in the case of bank transfer payment, the actual credit in the currency of the current account of “Miglio Verde S.r.l. “And sending a wire transfer receipt will not be proof of the payment made. Orders will be shipped as soon as possible: delivery times depend on the time of receipt of the order. For orders whose payments are received over the weekend, the shipment will be processed starting from the following Monday morning, for those whose payments are received on a public holiday the shipment will be processed from the first following working day.
www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it uses the Arrow Standard service type:
Delivered but not guaranteed on a specified day, within 6 days worked across Europe, with an average of 4 working days, depending on origin and destination. It can only be managed via land, or as a mix of air and ground routes, according to the strategies of the various couriers and the individual management of the various Hubs.
Download shipping in Italy >>
Download shipping in Europe >>
Sownload Eurozone >>

  1.   Acceptance of Sales Terms

By submitting your order form, the customer confirms that you have read and accept these Terms of Sale, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Information
www.birrificiodimontepulciano.it will be able to change the Sales Terms at any time: we will be eager to send an email to users when this happens to inform you, but we encourage all customers to review this section periodically to check for any changes.

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