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The Story

The story of the Birrificio di Montepulciano begins with a passion that originated more than 10 years ago: Andrea’s passion for craft beer, which he has been nurturing with love and dedication ever since. Always fond of do-it-yourself work and curious by nature, Andrea made a start at homebrewing; his first experiments at home soon combined with long hours of thorough study and practice, until he was finally able to turn his passion into a real profession.

The Birrificio di Montepulciano is a microbrewery where constant attention is given to the brewing process and to research, which goes from raw materials all the way to the draught, analysing all the variables of the brewing process to create balanced and versatile recipes. Moved by the same love and dedication with which he started, our Head Brewer constantly strives for improvement, thinking out of the box to refine his products and to elaborate new recipes. Studying at the Italian Brewing Research Centre (CERB) of the University of Agricultural Sciences of Perugia contributed to give shape to that great passion, providing Andrea with the chance of putting himself to the test with increasingly professional plants.

In 2014, the project of the Birrificio started to take shape thanks to the society’s foundation and to the idea of opening the pub, which represents a true innovation at a local level: the Miglio Verde (Italian for the Green Mile) is the first brew pub to be opened in Montepulciano. The renovation of a building in the hamlet of Abbadia to start the new business comes from the team’s will to funnel their passion in the development of a place that is not only a craft brewery, but also a pub where beer is served to customers directly on site, with the plant standing right before their eyes.

All of which takes us to the first boil, which occurred in February 2016, and to the place’s inauguration, which took place in August of the same year, making the Brewer’s passion finally come to life as a professional project. At the Miglio Verde, craft beers are matched to local and high quality products, in a place where rural environment and modern times meet. To further enhance its products, the Miglio Verde provides an added value to the cuisine of a traditional pub, offering, in addition to classic burgers and sandwiches, chianina hamburgers, entrées from the Tuscan tradition, cold cuts and cheese platters. All dishes are perfectly matched by a selection of sparkling wines from the Champagneria which, combined with the craft brewery, aims at meeting the tastes of any and all of its guests, offering another element of innovation in comparison to the rest of the region. From a homemade plant to the first brewpub in the region, perfect for a light appetizer before dinner, dining or meeting up after dinner, the place has been created thanks to the passion of all of those who believed in the project from its very beginning and are willing to spread the image of Tuscany worldwide. Beer brewed at the Birrificio di Montepulciano is balanced, versatile and smooth and reflects our philosophy and our wish to offer you a pleasant evening at the Miglio Verde in the company of your loved ones.

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